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Friday, September 20, 2019


Sept 16, 2009 The Anonymous Email Enters UK Market, Giving UK Citizens the Option of Sending Completely Untraceable Emails.
June 9, 2008 The Suggestion Box, Inc. Announces the Official Launch of Its World Wide Translation Technology
Jan 29, 2008 The Suggestion Box, Inc. Launches New Premium Domain Name Service
Nov 29, 2007 In What's Been Called a Landmark Decision, the Arizona Appelate Court Upheld the First Amendment Right of Individuals to Speak Anonymously on the Internet
Oct 30, 2007 The Suggestion Box, Inc. Announces New, Anonymous Anti Theft Reporting System for Retail Stores, Restaurants and Other Businesses
Oct 11, 2007 The Suggestion Box, Inc. Officially Launches Its Anonymous Reporting System for Law Enforcement Using Its Patent Pending SMS Technology
Oct 8, 2007 15C211 Financials for The Suggestion Box, Inc
Sept 27, 2007 The Suggestion Box, Inc. Announces a Free, New Service Aimed at Allowing News Casters and Reporters to Receive Anonymous Tips From the Public Without Fear of Retribution or Being Identified
Aug 3, 2006 TheAnonymousEmail.com Successfully Obtains Clarification of Federal "Annoyance Law" in Its Suit Against Attorney General Gonzalez and the Federal Government
Jul 19, 2006 The Anonymous Email.com Files Patents for the First Two Way ''Anonymous'' Text Messaging Service
Aug 16, 2005 Court Orders TheAnonymousEmail.com to Turn Over Subscribers Name and Personal Information
May 19, 2005 E-Mailers Anonymous
May 10, 2005 Finally -- The Chance to Say What You've Been Dying to Get Off Your Chest, But Have Been Afraid to Say
May 8, 2005 Web site allows you to tell it like it is





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