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Friday, September 20, 2019

Anonymous Text Messaging (COMING SOON!)

Through our patent pending technology,you'll soon be able to send and receive text messages anonymously through our website or your cell phone.

What will I need to do to send anonymous text message?

  1. You'll need an active account
    To create an account go to https://www.theanonymousemail.com/register.
  2. Add your mobile number to your account information
    Click on "Edit Account" on the main message page.
  3. Purchase credits
    When the system is ready, you'll purchase credits by logging into and clicking on the "Text Message" tab. Then click on the "Buy Credits" tab.

How will I send anonymous text message?

You can send text messages two ways, either through the website or by using your cell phone.

To send a message through the website

  1. Login and click on the "Text Messaging" tab.
  2. Click on the "Send Text Message" tab. Enter the recipient's phone number and select whether or not you would like the response to go to your cell phone.
  3. Finally, enter your message and hit send.

To send a message from your cell phone

  1. Select create a new message.
  2. Enter the recipient's phone number at the beginning of your message followed by a space, in this format 3335551212. Then type your message.
  3. Once you are done with your message send it to the number we provide to you. All messages sent and received can be viewed online inside your text message box.

How will I see responses to my anonymous text message?

All responses can be viewed in your text message inbox at . Also, the response will be sent to your cell phone.

Can I respond to a response that is received on my phone?

Yes, but you must enter the recipient's number at the start of your message with a space after it, in this format 3335551212.

How much does it cost to send anonymous text messages?

You must first have an active subscription to . Registration is FREE! Then you must purchase credits. Credits are sold in bundles of 50 for $9.95. Each message you send will use on credit. Every message you receive back to your cell phone will use one credit.





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